The oldest privately-owned maritime training school in the United States, Crawford Nautical School has been training mariners from all areas of sea-going life -- deep sea, coastal and inland waters; Masters, Mates, Pilots and Engineers for over 90 years.

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The National Maritime Center

Requirements, applications, examination information, policy statements as well as other resources are found at the Coast Guard's National Maritime Center, the portal for merchant mariner credentialing in the United States.

Credential Application Forms
Checklists for USCG Credential Requirements

Complete list of NMC Resources


On the Quarter

According to Dorothy Parker, "the cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." Our father is in his 90th year of incessant inquiry. "Don't you think someone should look into this," he asks constantly. We've invited him to do just that here.

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Question of the Week

In an industry where it is possible to dance on ceilings and lean against floors, there are bound to be questions. Every week we will post some here -- along with our best answers.

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The Use of Leadership & Managerial Skills

"The Use of Leadership & Managerial Skills" course is an STCW requirement for Masters and Chief Mates 500 GT and more as well as Chief and First Assistant Engineers. Our 5-day USCG-approved class meets the requirements of STCW 2010. Classes are scheduled for the following dates & by arrangement:
1/25-29/2016; 2/8-12/16; 3/14-18/16; 4/18-22/16; 5/23-27/16; 6/20-24/16; 7/11-15/16; 9/19-23/16; 10/24-28/16; 12/12-16/16 in Seattle. For more information, please contact us at 1.800.284.4335 or by email.

USCG-Approved DDE 4000 hp, Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels and QMED Courses

We are now offering USCG-Approved courses for Designated Duty Engineers (to 4000 hp), Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels and QMED.  Successful completion of these courses will provide the qualified candidate with the appropriate endorsement. The DDE/Assistant Engineering Courses will be held June 6 - through July 1, 2016. The newnext QMED class is scheduled for September 12 - October 14, 2016.

Engine Examination Preparation Classes for all other Engine credentials meet March 21 - April 15, 2016, and October 24 - November 18, 2016. For more information, please call 1-800-284-4335 or email us at

Help with Credentials

Crawford Nautical provides assistance to mariners trying to determine what credential they might be eligible for, what authority their current credential confers, what might be the best way to upgrade a credential. Please email us at Credential Assistance if you would like help.

Tankerman Class

Dangerous Liquid Cargo Course

Crawford Nautical School is now offering a Dangerous Liquid Cargo (Tankerman Familiarization) Course. The class meets USCG and STCW requirements for Tankerman P-I-C, Tankerman Barge, Tankerman Assistant and Tankerman Engineer. The next scheduled class is February 1 - 5, 2016.

Collision, Allision, Grounding

With the advent of "Google Alerts" and news media hypervigilant for misfortune, the list of marine casualties seems to have grown longer in the past few years. iStock 000008221963XSmall

This is probably because in the past, maritime incidents were only newsworthy if they involved passenger deaths and/or oil spills. In fact, accidents do happen more than we think, as this log will attest.

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Regulation Updates

November 2013

Extension of deadlines for applications due to government shutdown.

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September 2012

The USCG Deck and Examination Question banks, removed from public viewing several years ago, have once again been made available in pdf.
Deck Examination Question Bank
Engine Examination Question Bank

December 2011

The USCG has issued Policy Letter (No. 11-15) describing policy and forthcoming regulations allowing certain mariners without a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) to acquire and renew a Merchant Mariner Credential. A more detailed description of the changes and how they affect individual mariners is available on the National Maritime Site.

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Merchant Mariners WWII

It's Past Time Honor the World War II Seafaring Merchant Mariner Veterans 

As many seafarers know, the United States Merchant Mariners played a heroic role in World War II. These seamen undertook the most dangerous missions in the fight against fascism -- carrying supplies to war fronts around the world. Fighting bombs from above and torpedoes from below, they suffered the highest casualty rates of any branch of the military effort. They gave their lives at over twice the death rate among soldiers in the Army and four times that of the Navy.

Although Roosevelt promised the Merchant Marines full veterans' benefits, and the postwar Congress officially classified them, and retroactively, as veterans, these forgotten heroes passed the rest of their lives without seeing a dime of pension. Only 4,500 of these veteran seamen are still alive; they're now in their nineties, and we're losing at least one a day. They have lived with a broken heart that their country never honored their courage and service. Melvin Rogow, a 92-year-old veteran who survived dozens of missions and a torpedo of his ship, reflects, “Every time we lose another guy, I hurt to think that they died without receiving their appreciation from the country they served. Sometimes it seems like they’re just waiting for the rest of us to go.”

Past efforts to right this wrong have been stalled in Congress. But there is hope for a new bill -- HR-563, the "Honoring Our WWII Merchant Mariners Act of 2015 -- that would give each of the surviving veterans a one-time payment. Passage of the bill depends on a groundswell of popular support. Joining that campaign is Charles Mills, another vet and lifetime seaman. Mills promises, “I have been a fighter all my maritime life to find ways to improve conditions for Merchant Seaman and will continue to do so until I cross the bar.”

These seafaring veterans of the 'greatest generation' have been waiting 70 years for their pension. If you want to lend a hand, to ensure that our country finally thank these men in their waning months and years, ask your Congressperson TODAY to support the HR-563, at: [Note: After you enter your name and address, there is an optional box to say why you're signing. Feel free to mention your connection to the Crawford Nautical School.] Then send on this article or the URL to your family and friends.

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